Carve Fashion Branding

Is a startup fashion brand in New York. Bringing a unique modern design to the customer,
Carve wants to communicate as a premium brand, limited production numbers, unlimited designs.

There are so many challenge for a new brand to start. They offer suitable prices for their customers.
Here Carve is looking for new design opportunities that must be out of the box in order to attract
market interest. Therefore, they needs an identity that makes it easy for consumers to identify the
Carve brand, feel the difference and the premium side of a brand. This identity should be simple,
elegant and simple to associate, and apply to all brand communication media.

The brand wants to convey elegancy through their expression, abstract and unique. For that Carve
needs an identity that represents heritage. Carve’s identity is designed through an approach to function,
and taste. Looks simple and elegant. We chose Customs font style as the logo type for the brand.
Abstract has unique strokes at each corner, different from other shapes. It represents something
luxurious, elegant, but still simple. We focus on simplicity because this is what will keep
the brand going in the long run.

The dark and white color create an unique shapes and modern aura that is something wave and flexibility.
This will be the primary color of the brand as the application will be communicated in the branding.

The goal of Carve’s identity is to increase consumer trust in new brands, because this affects consumer
perceptions of the product


Brand identity design

Website design

Logo design