Who We Are ?

We Are Originative Graphic Designer

We are specializing in Brand identity, Packaging & Web Design based in Dhaka. We are passionate about creating original and meaningful identity for companies & businesses who want to standout to their desire audience.

After working for multiple clients over the years we have been able to obtain a firm understanding of the ins and outs of a successful business. It’s our mission to make people look at your brand with the same passion as you.


This are the services we are providing for our clients.

Brand Identity

It’s not what you say, it is what people says it is. Brand Identity is how people see your brand with their eyes.

Logo Design

Logo is a visual identity of your company or business. A good logo need to have three things, it needs to be appropriate for the brand, distinctive and memorable, lastly it needs to be simple. So that people can recognize it fast.


It plays an important part in the selling department. Having good packaging from the start set your product apart from your competition.

Web Design

Web design having an online present is crucial for any small & big businesses. A successful website will market your product or service and reach new customers.


An illustration is a decoration or visual of emotion. It’s help your audience to connect with your product and with you spontaneously. It’s gives your customer right feeling about the product.


Our method is simple and efficient. We divide our process in five steps, it helps us and our client to understand the manner of the work.


In this phase we need all the information about your business objectives, target audience, competitor and services you provide. To understand the brand’s personality and set the right creative path for the project.


In this stage we gather the provided information and refine the brand identity. We will look through your proposal and competitors to present mood boards to insure we are heading the right direction.


After the mood board finalization we will move to production. Here is the creating, sketching will generate. Various ideas based on the project brief. 


When the production is complete. We will present a full presentation of the work in a PDG form. If revisions are needed, we will apply them accordingly.


After the changes, when the final design concepts is chosen and approved. We will deliver all the finals that were included in the project scope.